Wireless screen sharing solution

  • 2022-03-15

HICHIP A110 low-power chip, low calorific value
High-speed Wi-Fi and high-sensitivity gain antenna
Support DLNA, Airplay, Miracast, Airplay mirror and other interconnection protocols
The content of the mobile phone screen is transferred to the TV screen
When pushing media, the mobile phone does not occupy the charged data, and the mobile phone becomes a remote control
Supports multi-threading, and does not affect other functions of the phone when pushing media
Support multiple people and multiple mobile phones to connect at the same time, share their wonderful together
A video codec solution that supports the smooth playback of videos and photos captured by all mobile phones
Compatible with streaming media formats of multiple protocols, free to enjoy massive Internet video resources
Support 720/1080P HD output, enjoy perfect picture quality
Support WPS one-key encryption, quickly connect with router or AP configuration
With a compact design, it is a good tool to carry around at home and on business trips
Easy to install, just plug into any HDMI port and connect to WIFI network for instant use
Provide main control chip, PCBA, whole machine OEM/ODM service

Use advanced wireless screen sharing solutions to transfer mobile phone content (such as pictures, files, music, videos, online classes, live broadcasts, etc.)

Or the online content is cast to the high-definition display equipment with HDMI on the large screen (such as HDTV, projector, monitor, etc.),

The ideal choice for wireless sharing of multimedia content is plug-and-play, without installing any APP, making business meetings, family entertainment and vision more shocking.

Features of wireless screen projection and screen sharing solution development
Product spontaneous signal, WiFi router or not can be used
No need to install and download how to screen the software. It is compatible with the AirPlay Miracast DLNA protocol and only needs to be set up once. The next time you use it, you do not need to repeat the operation again to realize wireless connection.
Simple connection mode, stable signal without delay, ultra-clear and smooth without freezing, better system configuration, professional team, deep research on wireless screen projection technology and protocol, let everyone experience this and enjoy higher quality
Dual mode: same screen + screen projection. In the screen projection mode, you can exit the video APP to play games and other things after pushing the movie to the TV. In the same screen mode, what screen is displayed on the mobile phone the same screen is displayed on the TV
Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows three mainstream systems, cross-platform wireless screen projection to any display terminal, as long as you switch according to the menu key of the display, you can connect Android iPhone, IPad and laptop, multi-faceted to meet the different needs of users

Wireless screen same-screen chip A110/A210 ARM processor
Includes a 32-bit RISC CPU and a wide range of peripherals.
General-purpose peripheral devices include USB EHCI host/device, HDMI TX, TV encoder, audio DAC, SD/MMC, SPINAND and SPI NOR,SIP DDR2
The chip has built-in multi-format video decoder, two-dimensional graphics accelerator, high-quality display engine and flexible audio DMA engine.
The whole chip provides high system performance, can meet all kinds of video and audio applications, and can provide the same screen chip

PBCA parameters of the same screen

Product parameters of wireless projection screen development board

operating system


language support

Support multiple languages (Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Thai/Russian/English/French/Spain/German/Portuguese/etc.)

processor type

HICHIP A110/A210 32bit RISC CPU main frequency 800MHZ


Built-in DDR2 64MB*16Mbit


32MBit MAX128Mbit



display resolution

1080P 60HZ

External I/O ports

USB 2.0*1 EHCI Host/Device, one can support OTG



WIFI 2.4G/5.8G

3.5mm Stereo Headphone*1

Infrared receiver IR


4Ω3W speaker 1 channel


5 fans 1 way

Power Adapter




indicator light

Standby red light, power on green light

Function Features

software upgrade

Local USB upgrade, network upgrade (optional)

video technology


audio format


Image Format


mobile phone wireless screen projection

Support wireless co-screen mirroring miracast airplay dlna

Mobile phone with wired screen

Support Apple wired same screen, support Android wired same screen

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