What does HDR10+ mean? What are the advantages of a projector with hdr10+ function?

  • 2022-04-28
What does HDR10+ mean?

To understand HDR10+, we need to have a simple understanding of HDR and HDR10 first. Let’s first introduce HDR. HDR is high dynamic range, which is a picture optimization technology that makes the picture brighter, higher contrast, and more detailed in dark parts. For display devices, after turning on HDR, by adjusting the screen brightness and enhancing the contrast between the brightest and darkest parts of the screen, the screen can be displayed more layered and more details are exposed.

HDR10 is an upgraded version of HDR. HDR10 can increase the brightness of the picture by two times, while increasing the contrast between dark colors, and the colorable content is nearly ten times higher than that of HDR. The definition of "10" comes from 10-bit color In addition, HDR10 is recommended to use absolute value display of Rec.2020 and PQ, using static data processing method. At present, HDR10 is the most basic HDR standard, and no copyright fee is charged.

After introducing HDR and HDR10, the focus is on HDR10+. HDR10+ is an upgraded version of HDR10. The maximum brightness of HDR10 is 1000nit, while the maximum brightness of HDR10+ can reach 4000nit, which also enhances the contrast. The difference between HDR10 and HDR10+ is the processing method. HDR10 uses static data processing, while HDR10+ uses dynamic data processing; the advantage of dynamic data processing is that it allows it to be changed for each video frame, which means that each frame will have its own image. Brightness, contrast data.

The birth of HDR10+ is mainly formulated by Samsung to benchmark Dolby Vision, and it is currently the only HDR standard that supports dynamic data element structure. The difference between the two is that Dolby Vision requires a certain copyright fee, while HDR10+ is an open standard. In recent years, HDR10+ has developed rapidly, more and more display devices have been certified, and most of the projectors released this year have upgraded HDR10 to HDR10+

Advantages of HDR10+

1. Image quality improvement

The most important reason for upgrading HDR10+ is definitely the improvement in picture quality, which can provide viewers with a more layered picture with richer details in bright and dark areas.

2. No copyright fee

HDR10+ is the only dynamic HDR technology that does not pay royalties, and although the technology is developed by Samsung, Samsung does not charge any royalties.

3. Open Standards

An open standard which means that any company using HDR10+ can refine and improve it, not as closed as Dolby Vision.

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