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  • 2021-09-16

Founded under the philosophy of customer-centricity and demand orientation, INDASINA is committed to consumer electronic products and continuously creates value for customers by providing innovative solutions and R & D products. Since its foundation, INDASINA has grown as a comprehensive scientific and technological enterprise with integration of product R & D, engineering design, production, sales, technical services and system integration as well. The main products are: LED TV, Set-Top-Box, Security Products, Miracasting Dongle, Electronic Components etc.

The portable dongle, mainly used to cast the small screen of mobile phone to bigger screen like TV or projector etc., is suitable for home entertainment, business meetings, education, training and etc.

We are chip movers. Over the years, we have been cooperated closely with the world-famous brand of electronic components. We are constantly committed to the main IC, flash memory, set-top box ICs, MCU etc. And we have become one of the outstanding agents and distributors of the leading brands of memory IC for more than ten years.

INDASINA offers overall solutions and builds the intelligent world of IOT for millions of users, families, and organizations with more than 3,000 partners globally.

INDASINA continuously creates value, offers reliable and competitive products and solutions of DVB, LED TV, Security Products and AI Products as well for global partners.Additionally, INDASINA cooperates with Supply Chains, Partners, Industry Associations, Universities, and Institutes to build a win-win Social Ecosystems and promote the technological change and industry development.

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