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  • 2021-11-08

Projection curtain is one of the most commonly used products in projector peripheral equipment. If the projection curtain is properly matched with the projector, high-quality projection effect can be obtained. Projection curtain can be divided into two types in terms of function: reflective type and transmissive type; Reflective type is used for forward projection, transmissive type is used for rear projection; Forward projection screen is also divided into flat screen and arc screen; In terms of texture, it can be divided into glass screen, metal screen, embossed plastic curtain, etc. In general, the picture effect of hard screen is better than that of soft screen.

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Self-locking curtain

Manual self-locking curtain is the most common curtain. Its advantages are low price and easy installation. It can be considered when the quality requirement of curtain is not high. The disadvantage is that during long-term use, especially for the curtain over 80 inches, do not choose manual curtain as far as possible. "V" ripples will appear due to the central pull-down force and other reasons, which will affect the smoothness of the screen.

Electric curtain
Electric curtain is the most commonly used curtain. Its advantages are moderate price, good smoothness and easy maintenance. The curtain is evenly distributed from both ends by the motor to ensure that the curtain is not affected by external force, it has the features of easy lifting and easy installation, can maintain the smoothness of the curtain for a long time, does not generate ripples after long-term use, and is more convenient to use with remote control accessories.

Bracket curtain
Bracket curtain is a portable curtain, which consists of bracket (tripod) and curtain, and it is convenient to move. Especially for enterprises with several meeting rooms or users who often show in the community, it is very convenient to buy a frame curtain. Moreover, the cost of the frame curtain is not particularly high, which is basically the same as the price of the electric curtain, and is absolutely within the capacity of ordinary enterprises.

Floor curtain cloth
Floor curtain and frame curtain are portable curtains, but they are higher than frame curtain in form, product structure and grade. The floor curtain is a whole curtain, which can be put into a box to carry when put away. The size of the floor curtain is mostly 70 to 84 inches, which is more commercial.
Frame curtain

Frame curtain is to use aluminum frame to make a frame similar to picture frame, and then buckle spring on the curtain to flatten the curtain. With the best image quality, it not only has the bright sharpness of the glass fiber screen, but also has unique three-dimensional transparency, sharpness and softness, and extremely slight appearance. It is suitable for high-end household machines and projectors with sufficient contrast, the advantage is that it is smooth and much cheaper than electric cable curtain. The disadvantage is that it cannot be collected, and it is easy to be polluted by dust. It is easy to oxidize and change color when exposed to the air for a long time.

Basic parameters

1. Gain
The ability of screen incident light. Under the condition that the angle of incident light is fixed and the incident light flux remains unchanged, the ratio of the brightness in one side of the screen to the brightness in the ideal state is called the brightness coefficient in this direction, the maximum value is called the gain of the screen. Generally, the gain of the dull white wall is set to 1. If the screen gain is less than 1, the incident light will be weakened; If the screen gain is more than 1, more incident light will be reflected or refracted.
2. Perspective
The reflection of the screen in all directions is different. The farther away from the center of the screen in the horizontal direction, the lower the brightness; When the brightness drops to 50%, the viewing angle is defined as the viewing angle. Looking at the image from the perspective, the brightness is satisfactory; Looking at the image from the perspective, the brightness is not enough. Generally speaking, the larger the gain of the screen is, the smaller the viewing angle is (metal screen); The smaller the gain is, the larger the viewing angle is (white plastic screen). For occasions with a large number of people, white plastic screen can be used to enlarge the viewing angle.
3. Size
The size of the screen is defined by the size of its diagonal. Generally, the aspect ratio of video images is 4:3, and the education screen is square. For example, a 1.83m(72 inches) screen, according to Pythagorean theorem, it can be quickly concluded that the width of the screen is 1.5m and the height is 1.1m.
4. Light energy utilization rate
For the back projection screen, it is the light transmittance; For the front projection screen, it is the reflectivity, naturally the higher the better. In terms of back projection screen, structured screen is much better than scattering screen.
5. Resolution of the screen:
The image resolution is mainly divided into bandwidth and pixel according to the type of projector: CRT technology, LCD, DLP, D-ILA and LCOS technology. Pixel: pixel refers to the result of multiplying the number of high and wide pixels of resolution, which mainly measures the projector of LCD/DLP/D-ILA/LCOS technology. Refers to both projector real resolution. Bandwidth: measures the horizontal frequency scanned by the CRT projector per second. Fresnel optical rear projection (projector is placed behind the screen, namely the projection mode of projector and audience on both sides of the screen respectively) shadow screen because Fresnel lens slot distance and surface biclustering (columnar) the pitch lines of the lens directly affect the resolution of the screen. For diffuse reflection rear projection hard screen, Cork and front projection screen, without the influence of slot distance lines, the resolution will be very high, meeting the demand of high-resolution pictures.
6. Contrast ratio of the screen:
Contrast: contrast is very important to the uniformity and resolution of the picture. It mainly refers to the ratio of high level and low level. Generally speaking, it is the ratio of bright area and dark area of the picture. High contrast screen is very important for the hierarchical display of the picture. For this reason, the international famous screen company Stewart (viewerte) screen company has launched soft and hard screens of different colors, make the screen display more colorful.
7. The uniformity of the screen:
Uniformity of the screen: the uniformity of the screen is not only manifested in the quality of the picture, but also closely related to the projection technology of the projector. Good uniformity can ensure the consistency of brightness and color of the screen when the screen is viewed from 0 to 180 degrees in the horizontal and vertical directions. The uniformity of the material on the screen surface plays a good complementary role in the picture uniformity of the projector. Finally, the screen masking system will also play a good complementary role in the picture, and the screen masking will supplement the screen aspect ratio, it is a wider application of screens with different aspect ratios in different environments and can be freely converted between screen ratios.
8. The relationship between gain and perspective
Generally speaking, the gain of the projection screen and the viewing angle are a pair of contradictions. Under certain conditions that remain unchanged, the higher the gain, the smaller the viewing angle. Conversely, the larger the viewing angle, the lower the gain. Therefore, increasing the viewing angle under the condition that the gain remains unchanged or increasing the gain under the condition that the viewing angle remains unchanged is a problem that projection screen research and development experts constantly study, experiment and need to solve. The research and development experts of the metal soft screen strive to increase the viewing angle without reducing the brightness gain by constantly adjusting the formula of the metal reflective coating and the manufacturing process of the curtain base. At present, the maximum viewing angle of the metal soft screen has reached 110 °. However, people find that the image has begun to deform in the appearance of 40 °; In the appearance of 80 °, the image has become meaningless.
9. The relationship between distance and brightness (illuminance × area = brightness)
Distance light source closer brighter it, the farther the darker the, this is known the basic common sense. Similarly, in the field of projection display, the brightness of the screen varies with the distance between the same projector and the same picture on the same screen. In other words, the same projector and screen should be filled with screens of different sizes, because of the different distances, the brightness of the screen will be different. However, the situation is completely different when the same projector and picture are played on the screen with different gains. Experts test: use projectors of the same brand, the same model, the same delivery time and the same test screen to play on the normal screen with gain of 2 and the soft screen with gain of 4, due to different gains, the brightness of the two screens is completely different, and the screen brightness with high gain is also high.

Selection method

First of all, as for the installation method of the curtain, if the user places the projector in the living room and needs to put it away when not in use, there is no doubt that he chooses an electric screen. However, if users own their own video studio or use it in the bedroom, then the frame is quite practical.
Next, as a family user, they can choose 16:9 without hesitation for the selection of the screen proportion. Next, determine the screen size and installation position according to the formula mentioned above. The last and most tedious thing is the choice of materials.
The screen market is relatively chaotic, so the screen produced by each factory is also very different. The surface patterns of various curtains are different, which have a great impact on the performance of the curtains. Although they are all white scenes, the degree of White is also different, some are white, some are yellowish white. There are also many kinds of gray curtain, including soft gray curtain and gray plastic, and there are also differences in the underlying fabric. Even some gray curtain is to brush a layer of gray paint on the white curtain.
Therefore, the best way is to avoid making a car behind closed doors. After careful analysis, it is better to have a comparison. Here, I will teach you a good way. Generally, curtain manufacturers have small samples. It is a reliable way to put all kinds of curtain samples together for direct comparison.

Installation method

After buying back the projector, the first job is to install the screen of the projector. How to install such a large screen? The first thing is to determine where to install it, don't think about the location after the installation, it will be very troublesome, so the first step is to determine the installation location.
The second step is to determine the installation method. The curtain installation method is as follows:
Built-in hanging ring:
The projection screen has flexible installation method, which can be fixed on the wall or hoisted on the ceiling. If it needs to be installed on the wall, be sure to keep the curtain balanced with the wall.
Wall Mounted:
There is a spoon hole-shaped hanging ring on the bracket at both ends of the projection screen. When the projection screen needs to be hung on the wall, nails or screws should be installed at the corresponding position on the wall first, and then hang it up.
Ceiling type:
When it needs to be installed on the ceiling, two hooks should be installed at the corresponding position of the ceiling first, and then the "D" ring on both ends of the projection screen should be fastened.
After determining the installation method, it is necessary to measure the line and punch the hole, and the projection screen should be installed in the position of the best viewing angle of the audience. And when the curtain is fully unfolded, its bottom should be higher than the audience's head. After this is confirmed, you can punch holes. If you don't have a punching machine, you can also use a bigger cement nail to directly punch into the wall. Pay attention to ensure that the distance between the two points is reasonable when hitting the cement nail.

Cleaning method

Small non-invasive stains, use an eraser
When there are relatively small non-invasive stains, the better way is to wipe them gently with an eraser. However, if the quality of the eraser is not good enough or the eraser with color may not be completely erased, leaving a pool of marks. Therefore, when using it, special attention should be paid to choosing pure white advanced Eraser, which is in stationery stores, it's easy to buy. As for the method of erasing, when recalling the warm situation when modifying the homework, you will know what to do.
Liquid stains or stains have a large area, use detergent
First of all, make sure that the pH value of the detergent is neutral as far as possible. Because the screen base and coating, most of which are resin or rubber materials, are easily corroded and discolored.
Secondly, do not use oily detergent and detergent with brightening agent, such as billizhu. You can choose water-based and volatile foam cleaners without any damage to the screen. You can also choose from cleaners such as collar cleaners in supermarkets.
Last but not least, what tools should be used to clean the screen of the projector. Because the surface of the curtain is actually uneven, we must choose erasing tools with as small molecular particles as possible, such as polymer sponge, which is very small, after the detergent is wet and softens the dirt, the dirt in the pit can be fully cleaned. On the contrary, if you choose rough sponge or towel, it is difficult to clean the tiny stains in the concave of the curtain.
Oily stains, use cotton balls dipped in a small amount of degreasing solvent
This kind of situation is difficult to deal with. If it is not handled properly, there will be great risks. You can only use cotton balls to dip in a small amount of degreasing solvent first, and then quickly erase and dilute them with more purified water or neutral detergent and suck them dry as soon as possible. However, for some special stains, especially in some evening parties, there is no effective method to clean up the sprayed colored stains. Therefore, before such a lively scene appears, you 'd better put away your projector curtain as soon as possible to avoid hanging up.
Glass bead curtain cannot be cleaned
The commonly used screen of projector can be divided into white plastic screen, glass bead screen, metal screen and so on according to the screen material. In general, except that the glass curtain material does not have the characteristic of cleaning, other curtain materials can basically choose the appropriate cleaning method according to the degree of stain.
Glass screen is widely used because of its high gain and moderate price. However, because there is a subtle quartz coating on the surface of the glass curtain material, the stains can easily invade into the interspace between particles, so it is difficult to clean them up. In addition, the quartz crystal on the surface itself is easy to stick to stains, that is, secondary pollution occurs. Therefore, when using the screen of the glass curtain material, you should take extra care and care, and it is better to put it away in time when not in use.

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