Projection Lamp solution

  • 2022-02-18

The color change projection can be carried out according to the needs of the scene, and the time for changing the pattern color can be set.
Any type of pattern can be customized according to customer's requirements
One-lamp projection, multiple images switching in turn, automatic switching of the next image in 5 seconds
The service life is as long as 30000~80000H, power consumption optimization and upgrading save more power
Multiple heat dissipation, mixed heat dissipation with cold forging radiator
New optics "double projection" light transmittance + 20%
Up and down large angle adjustable to 180 ° angle, base left and right adjustable 0-180 °
Working environment-40℃ ~ 60℃
Color temperature 3200K-8500K
Lumens 3000-12000LM
Working frequency 50-60Hz
Light Efficiency Power 16W/20W/25W/30W
6-piece optical lens ultra-clear projection, high precision imaging, definition + 100%
Provide master control chip, projection lamp PCBA, complete machine OEM/ODM service

Advertising Projection Lamp, also known as imaging projection lamp, is an innovative advertising new media display tool, which adopts high-brightness light source and applies optical projection imaging principle to project the film content on the wall, ground, water surface and other media that can reflect light, and then form a picture with extremely visual impact.

Projection Lamp has the feature of not being limited by geography and space, which solves the problems of slow approval of traditional advertisement production and high cost of post maintenance. The advertisement projection lamp is small in size, novel in form, rich and dynamic in picture form, energy-saving and environment-friendly, low in delivery cost, and can add color to lighting at night, it doesn't have the characteristics of traditional advertising media, such as the installation and production costs of tens of thousands of yuan, which are favored by customers and are very suitable for the efficient operation of commercial advertisements in modern cities.

Projection Lamp chip B100 ARM processor full tile high brightness
High-Definition Multimedia is a cost-effective single chip solution. B100 includes a 32-bit RISC CPU and rich peripherals,
General-purpose peripheral devices include USB EHCI host/device, TV encoder, audio DAC, SD/MMC, SPI NAND and SPI NOR, SIP DDR2, etc.
The master control chip has built-in multi-format video decoder, two-dimensional graphics accelerator, high-quality display engine and flexible audio DMA engine.
The whole chip provides high system performance, can meet various video and audio applications, and can provide projection lamp chips.

PCB board parameters of projection lamp

Projection Lamp Development Board product parameters

Operating system


Language support

Support for multiple languages (simplified Chinese/traditional Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Thai/Russian/English/French/Spain/German/Portuguese/etc)

Processor Type

HICHIP B100 32bit RISC CPU Frequency 800MHZ


Built-in DDR2 64MB*16Mbit


32MBit MAX128Mbit

Display screen

3.97" LCD  4.3'' LCD Other sizes

Screen resolution


External I/O port

USB 2.0*1 EHCI Host/Device, one can support OTG




Mirc SD

3.5mmStereo Headset * 1

Infrared receiver IR


4Ω3W Horn 1


5 Fan 1

Power Adapter

DC12V/2A  Supports 5V power supply


Key Interface 1, seven key functions: up, down, left and right Select Key OK Key, return key, System Menu key

Indicator light

Standby red light, turn on green light

Image projection mode

Front projection, rear projection, ceiling front projection, ceiling rear projection

Software upgrade

Local USB upgrade, network upgrade (optional)

Video technology


Audio format


Image format


Mobile phone wireless screen projection

Supports wireless screen projection miracast airplay dlna

Mobile phone wired same screen

Supports the same screen of Apple cable and Android cable

Product Size


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