Project development of PCB board of projector

  • 2022-02-15

HICHIP B110 video codec solution
Built-in 32-bit RISC CPU CPU 800MHz processors
Basic projection function (cannot connect to mobile phone), connect USB/VGA/HDMI/set-top box
Wireless same screen version (WIFI + Apple Android phone), supports wireless connection of iOS/Mac/Android/Windows phone/tablet/computer and other devices
Supports 1080p @ 60 encoding, high definition, and clearer edges.
± 15 degree trapezoidal correction adapts to various projection angles
With AV/USB/SD card/HDMI/VGA rich socket types
Contrast/brightness adjustment, showing more picture quality details, amazing visual experience
Professional Color blending, restoring 16.77 million colors, bright and moving image quality
Independent UI design
Imaging technology DLP/LCD
Provide master control chip, PCBA, complete machine OEM/ODM services

With its features of large screen and eye protection, intelligent projection devices have natural advantages over mobile network devices such as mobile phones and tablets in entertainment scenarios such as films and television, and the main purpose of users using projection equipment is to meet entertainment needs such as films and television, so intelligent projection equipment has gradually become an important Internet content platform.

Under the market environment of consumption upgrading, consumers' demand for home audio and video entertainment presents the trend of big screen and pursuing the ultimate experience. Meanwhile, the younger consumption main force makes the consumer market's acceptance of new products greatly increase,

Intelligent projection equipment has become a major market segment of projection equipment by virtue of its high cost performance and portability compared with large-screen televisions and its rapid volume through online channels.

According to the analysis of the competition pattern and Market Development Trend of the projector industry, intelligent projection equipment has become the leading role, and domestic brands are going overseas, which accords with the characteristics of young consumers of projection equipment, convenient transportation of standard products and so on, become the main sales channel of projection equipment manufacturers.

Advantages of projector motherboard solution development

Supports multiple languages for overseas market expansion
Cast a picture size of 1-5.2 M by adjusting the distance to watch a movie
Four-corner trapezoidal correction, can be locked without the trouble of placing position anyway, regular picture
The appearance design of the mini projector, the small figure has a great effect, and you can take it outdoors to enjoy the wonderful vision
Independent and innovative UI design makes the software or web page have aesthetic feeling, and also makes the operation comfortable and simple.
Small screen and large screen, wireless is convenient, support Android, iOS, Mas OS devices HD light and shadow is not limited to real gorgeous more clear
The diffuse reflection imaging principle is adopted, which is different from the direct luminescence principle of traditional LCD TV to reduce eye irritation.
Support trapezoidal correction in vertical direction, household projector can reach -40 ° ~ +40 °, portable projector can reach -15 ° ~ +15 ° correction
Technology is adopted to enhance the reality of the image by adjusting the definition, glossiness and shadow processing, so as to achieve a clear effect comparable to that of the flat panel display device.
The projector adopts the original image identification processor chip technology processing combined with high dynamic contrast display technology to automatically adjust the dark field and details in the image

Projector chip B100 ARM processor

· High-Definition Multimedia's cost-effective single chip solution, B100 includes a 32-bit RISC CPU and rich peripherals,
General-purpose peripheral devices include USB EHCI host/device, TV encoder, audio DAC, SD/MMC, SPI NAND and SPI NOR, SIP DDR2, etc,
· The main control chip has built-in multi-format video decoder, two-dimensional graphics accelerator, high-quality display engine and flexible audio DMA engine,
The whole chip provides high system performance and can meet various video and audio applications,
Projector chips can be provided.

PCBA parameters of projector

Projector Development Board Product Parameters

operating system


language support

Support multiple languages (Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Thai/Russian/English/French/Spain/German/Portuguese/etc.)

processor type

HICHIP B100 32bit RISC CPU main frequency 800MHZ


built-in DDR2 64MB*16Mbit


32MBit MAX128Mbit


3.97" LCD 4.3'' LCD and other sizes

Display resolution


External I/O ports

USB 2.0*1 EHCI Host/Device, one can support OTG




Mirc SD

3.5mm Stereo Headphone*1

Infrared receiver IR


4Ω3W speaker 1 channel


5 fans 1 way

Power Adapter

DC12V/2A Support 5V power bank at the same time


Key interface 1 way, seven key functions: up, down, left and right selection keys OK key, return key, system menu key

indicator light

Standby red light, power on green light

Image projection method

Front, Rear, Ceiling Front, Ceiling Rear

Software upgrade

Local USB upgrade, network upgrade (optional)

video technology


audio format


Image Format


Mobile phone wireless screen projection

Support wireless co-screen mirroring miracast airplay dlna

Mobile phone with wired screen

Support Apple wired same screen, support Android wired same screen

Product Size


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