Mobile WiFi same screen projector solution

  • 2022-02-10

Contrast Ratio of 1000:1

Scenarios: Smart home theater, business conference
Launch distance 1-2.5m
Bulb life 20000~30000 hours
Light source power 50W
Screen ratio 16:9
Trapezoidal correction range ± 40 degrees
Zoom ratio: 1.1:1
Brightness: 200~500ANSI lumens
Display technology LCD/DLP
Resolution (dpi)854 × 480dpi/1280 × 720dpi/1920 × 1080dpi
Focus manual automatic
Whether WIFI support is supported
16.77 million colors supported
Trapezoidal correction four-point correction pillow correction
Screen size: 100-500 inches

Provide projector chip and PC

The basic version of the projector can no longer meet the needs of users, and there is an innovative and interesting electronic product on the market-the same screen device. The small screen of the content of the mobile phone is cast to the large screen for viewing, and the same screen function is added to the projector, it makes the user experience stronger and the viewing content richer. Moreover, it is not only convenient for home theater, but also has a breakthrough in business office and has a wider range of application.

Features of mobile phone same screen projector solution:

Wireless mobile phone screen projection, small screen projection 100-inch large screen, chasing drama, playing games, video calls, file sharing, meeting and screen, one-click screen projection. (Mobile phone screen viewing does not affect the use of other functions of the mobile phone).

It can be used without network or network
If there is no network, the same screen can be played in real time. If there is no network, the same screen of the mobile phone is supported, and the content is not restricted. You can play whatever you have in the mobile phone, for example, if the small screen of the PPT file in the mobile phone is put out through the same screen of the projector, the speech will be delivered directly without the network.
There is a network that supports screen push, and WiFi can be used to push the mobile phone power on demand to the projector without affecting other use of the mobile phone. For example, the video APP content in the mobile phone uses the same screen projector of WiFi, you can watch videos while sending messages and chatting with friends.

Advantages of software and hardware solution development of WiFi same screen projector:

The same screen function of projection, upgrade the new function of projector, rich and multi-level experience content.
Ultra-clear direct investment gives you exquisite and high-quality pictures and rich details. Don't miss how wonderful the moment is.
It can also be corrected if you place the side oblique projection on the ground, and the left and right side trapezoidal projection is corrected. How to place it is a square picture.
Electronic zoom can be scaled to adjust the image size at will.
Turn the living room into a 200-inch giant screen cinema, watching movies, playing games, karaoke, and enjoying the big screen.
The built-in download market can watch a large number of blockbusters online, including lively TV series, variety shows, actions, love, comedies and science fiction blockbusters.
Powerful top-level processors, multi-core processors, synchronous computing, video/game/download, multiple tasks simultaneously.
Diffuse reflection imaging, healthy viewing, light not coming into the eyes, using LED light source, it is not easy for eyes to get tired after watching dramas for a long time.
Fan cooling, global heat dissipation, longer service life, lower noise, stable and smooth operation for a long time.
UI interface design, fresh and elegant painting style, customizable software APP.

B200 processor, main control chip of screen projector

Projector B200 is a single chip solution for high-definition multimedia applications, with 32-bit RISC CPU, encryption engine, full HD video decoder, 2D graphics accelerator, high-quality display engine, flexible audio DMA engine, audio DAC and I2S/PCM interface. It supports external DDR2/DDR3 and has a wide range of general-purpose peripherals. HICHIP B200 can replace Quanzhi F1c200s/F1c800.

PCB motherboard parameters of mobile phone screen projector

Product parameters

Operating System


Language Support

Supports multiple languages (Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Thai/Russian/English/French/Spain/German/Portuguese/etc.)

Processor type

HICHIP B200 32bit RISC CPU main frequency 800MHZ


DDR2/DDR3 64MB*16Mbit MAX 128*16Mbit


32MBit MAX128Mbit


3.97" LCD 4.3'' LCD and other sizes

Display resolution


External I/O Port

USB 2.0*1 EHCI Host/Device, one can support OTG



Mirc SD

3.5mm Stereo Headphone*1

Infrared receiver IR


4Ω3W speaker 1 channel


5 fans 1 way

Power adapter

DC12V/2A supports 5V power bank at the same time


Key interface 1 way, seven key functions: up, down, left and right selection keys OK key, return key, system menu key

indicator light

Standby red light, power on green light

Image projection method

Front, Rear, Ceiling Front, Ceiling Rear

software upgrade

Local USB upgrade, network upgrade (optional)

video technology


Audio format


Image Format


Mobile phone wireless screen

Support wireless co-screen mirroring miracast airplay dlna

Mobile phone with wired screen

Support Apple wired same screen, support Android wired same screen

Product Size


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