Difference between true 4K and false 4K projector?

  • 2022-04-15

What is the difference between true 4K and false 4K of the projector, and the difference between the 4K resolution of 0.47 and 0.66 chips?

1、 Display chip and resolution
First of all, we need to briefly understand two important knowledge points: display chip and resolution, which are indispensable parameters of projector.
The display chip refers to the chip that provides the image display function of the projector. The larger the size of the display chip, the higher the resolution of the picture.
Resolution is the definition of the projector picture. The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture.
For more detailed knowledge about display chip and resolution, please refer to this article: what does projector resolution mean and what is the relationship between display chip and resolution

2、 True 4K and false 4K
The resolution of the true 4K projector is 4096 * 2160, and the total pixels can reach 8.8 million, which can bring ultra-high definition and exquisite pictures. No matter from which direction, you can clearly see the details of the picture, and the amount of data in each frame has reached 50MB. Therefore, no matter decoding, playback or editing, you need top-level configured machines, and few manufacturers can meet this requirement at present.
At present, the intelligent projectors using DLP scheme that can be seen on the market basically use the DMD chip provided by Texas Instruments. In order to meet the requirements of 4K resolution at low cost, Texas Instruments has found a new solution - XPR dithering Technology (pixel displacement technology).
Therefore, most of the projectors with about 10000 yuan or no more than 10000 yuan that we can see now basically use 0.47dmd chip, while the projectors with tens of thousands of yuan use 0.66dmd chip, which is achieved by XPR technology. However, according to the data of the consumer Technology Association (CTA), as long as the projected picture reaches 8.3 million pixels, it is 4K. Therefore, the display of 8.3 million pixels through XPR dithering technology also meets the 4K standard specified by CTA, that is, it can reach the resolution of 3840 * 2160. However, it is not the original 4K resolution, nor the real 4K resolution in our cognition, so projector users generally call it false 4K or pseudo 4K.

3、 Difference between 0.47 and 0.66 DMD chip 4K resolution
The real physical resolution of 0.66 inch DMD display chip is 2716 * 1528, about 4.15 million pixels. Through the XPR dithering technology, the diagonal direction is shifted once, so as to realize the effective pixel * 2, reaching the standard of 8.3 million pixels display;
The real physical resolution of 0.47 inch DMD display chip is 1920 * 1080. It is also moved up, down, left and right once through XPR technology. Finally, the effective pixel * 4 is realized, and 8.3 million pixels are obtained, reaching the resolution of 3840 * 2160.

(0.66dmd chip XPR Technology)

(0.47dmd chip XPR Technology)

Although both have reached 4K resolution, the 4K resolution displayed by 0.47 and 0.66 DMD chips are different. Compared with 0.66dmd chip, the 4K image quality of 0.47dmd chip will be fuzzy and have a strong sense of granularity. The 4K image of 0.66dmd chip is more clear and delicate.

(0.66dmd chip screen)

(0.47dmd chip screen)

In addition, not all projectors with 0.47dmd chip have 4K resolution. If 8.3 million pixels are not achieved through XPR dithering technology, the projector with 0.47dmd display chip still has 1080p resolution. We should pay attention to distinguish.

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