Business projector vs home projector

  • 2021-09-02

Projectors are also divided into home and business. What is the difference between them?

In terms of the most important brightness parameter, the brightness of home projectors is mostly around 1000 lumens, while business projectors often need to work for a long time during the day, so the brightness is higher, generally above 3000 lumens. Secondly, in color adjustment, home projectors pay more attention to the user's viewing experience, so the colors are more colorful and rich, while business projection pays more attention to the clarity, contrast and sharpness of the picture and text. Finally, business projectors require long-term use. Compared with home projectors, its performance is more demanding, and its stability, reliability, anti-damage ability, and anti-aging ability are all better.

Two important concepts of projectors: imaging technology and light source.
In fact, there are many factors that affect the quality of the projector, such as resolution, contrast, lens, service life, etc., but the two points of light source and imaging technology need to be protected from being pitted when purchasing. The mainstream imaging technology used by common projectors on the market can be basically divided into two categories, 3LCD (3-cell liquid crystal panel display technology) and DLP (digital optical processing technology).

The main component of LCD is the liquid crystal display panel, which should be understood by many people, and the main core component of DLP is DMD (digital micro mirror chip). The larger the size of the chip, the clearer the picture and the more expensive it is, which also affects the picture. The determinant of resolution. DLP technology has higher picture contrast, rich light and dark details, and relatively poor color capabilities; 3LCD images have good color saturation, rich layers, good color separation, and strong reproducibility, but the contrast is low, and the dark display ability is weak. However, since the main 3LCD technology patents are in the hands of Epson and Sony, it is difficult to see projectors using this technology in other brands, and DLP technology is relatively more advanced, so now mainstream smart projections are basically DLP imaging Technology, easy to integrate.

Secondly, let's talk about the light source. The light source is closely related to the brightness of the projector. The current mainstream projector light sources are mainly traditional light sources, LEDs, and lasers.
The traditional light source is the traditional light bulb light source. Among them, the life of the metal halide light source is only about 1,000 hours, and it has been basically eliminated. Both UHE and UHP are ultra-high-pressure mercury lamps. UHE lamps are moderately priced, and the brightness is almost not attenuated before 4000 hours of use. They are mostly used in low-end projectors. The UHP lamp has the highest price and the best projection effect. The brightness can basically reach 3000 lumens. It is mainly used for high-end home projectors and business high-end projectors. The brightness mentioned here refers to ANSI lumens, which is the brightness of the light source projected on the screen after the image display element and the lens layer attenuation. Some businesses may use the brightness of the light source as a promotional selling point, so be sure to look carefully when choosing a projector.
The LED light source has high energy conversion efficiency and low energy consumption is its biggest advantage. This type of projector can be made smaller, even as large as a palm, and has more pure colors, higher saturation, and longer life. However, the disadvantage of the LED light source is its low brightness. If higher brightness is required, the volume of the LED bulb must be increased, which runs counter to the compactness of the LED itself. Therefore, in household projectors, more and more popular models begin to use LED light sources.

The characteristics of the laser light source are the best in terms of brightness and screen display effects. More common in the high-end projection market.

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