Where is the future of the projection market?

Where is the future of the projection market?

  • 2021-06-18

"Traditional projector market into decline", "projector business and education market is being replaced by interactive large screen", "with interactive LCD large screen, where will the projector in the future, how will the projection market rise? 

Where is the future of the projection market?

Above these voices, the projection market has become a true portrayal of these pessimism and criticism whether it is also a reflection of the projection trend in recent years is not optimistic. It is understood that last year due to the impact of the epidemic, coupled with the impact of interactive LCD large screen, once the main projection market - business and education field, the market is expected to shrink nearly one million sales

However, not all segments of the projection market will be "bleak" in 2020. For example, last year, under the catalyst of the epidemic, intelligent home projection products LED by laser and LED new light sources maintained growth again.

In the background of color TV products for three consecutive years, "the amount of falling together", in the laser TV and intelligent LED home projection LED by the household consumption of large screen market has been growing for three consecutive years, which fully proves the "prospect" of large screen projection products in the living room entertainment market.

For laser TV and intelligent LED projection in the home large screen market last year "popular". The most important driving force behind it is the feature of healthy eye protection.

Last year, the epidemic became normal in the background, people's health awareness increased significantly, so that the LED intelligent projection of eye protection advantages can be reflected. The National Health Commission has stated publicly that when studying online, choose electronic devices with large screens as much as possible, with projectors as a priority. Online classes have intensified parents' concern about eye care for teenagers, and projectors have quickly become standard home appliances for families with children.

"At present, the total number of home projector market is only about 10 billion, compared to the scale of the entire home display hundreds of billions, is only a tip of the iceberg, which means that the projector market still has a large space for expansion. Therefore, projection vendors need to have "ideas" in the generic home projection market in order to have more "opportunities" in the overall projection display in the future.

What's next for the smart home projection market?

From the perspective of price positioning, most of the lower-ranking top 10 brands rely more on "low price" to harvest the market, without too many self-brand visual labels, and have no "loyalty" in consumer recognition. Some small brands in the market win by price, pushing down the price segment. According to the online data of Lotu Technology, in 2020, the share of products under 1,000 yuan will reach 23%, an increase of 3.6 percentage points compared with the same period last year. Behind this data reflects the fact that the amount of about 850,000 intelligent LED projection units last year was actually based on models below 1,000 yuan to "exchange" the scale.

There are a lot of "quality issues" behind the 23% cheaper phones. In a report released last year by the China Consumers' Association and the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Committee of Hebei and Jiangsu provinces on the comparative trials of 25 so-called smart LED home projectors, it was found that some low-priced start-ups had huge "quality problems" in terms of brightness, resolution and handling.

It is reported that a large number of the so-called intelligent LED projector less than 1000 yuan on the market today, in addition to the projection of large picture, in the color and brightness performance of no "quality" at all, even in the after-sales service is difficult to be effectively guaranteed.

Intelligent LED projection after nearly five years of development, consumer demand for the projector from 'single display equipment development to comprehensive performance of many aspects, such as product appearance, function requirements, the enterprise can be promoted, such as better handling, stronger interaction, feeling more intelligent projector product quality, make the category to high-end, intelligent, In order to better meet the diversified audio-visual needs of consumers, we seek the possibility to compete with other products on the same stage in the ever-increasing scene of large-screen entertainment display.

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