The Types of projectors

The Types of projectors

  • 2021-06-17
1. Home theater projector type:

It is characterized by brightness of about 2000 lumens (with the development of projection this number is constantly increasing, high contrast), projection picture aspect ratio of 16:9, a complete variety of video ports, suitable for playing movies and high-definition TV, suitable for home users.

2. Portable business projector:

A projector weighing less than two kilograms is generally defined as a business portable projector, which weighs about the same as a light, thin laptop. Business portable projector has the advantages of small size, light weight, strong mobility, is the traditional projector and large and medium-sized projector substitutes, light and thin notebook computer and business portable projector collocation, is the first choice of mobile business users in the mobile business demonstration.

3. Educational conference projector:

Generally located in schools and enterprise applications, using the mainstream resolution, brightness in 2000-3000 lumens, moderate weight, heat dissipation and dust do better, suitable for installation and short distance movement, functional interface is rich, easy to maintain, performance and price is relatively high, suitable for mass procurement and popular use.

4. Mainstream project projector:

Compared with the mainstream of the ordinary projector, the project projector projection area is larger, longer distance, high brightness, and generally also support multi-bulb mode, can better cope with large and changeable installation environment, for education, media and government and other fields are very suitable.

5, Professional theater projector:

This kind of projector pays attention to stability more, emphasize low failure rate, the projector respect such as the convenience of function of its heat dissipation performance, network, use is done very strong. Of course, in order to adapt to a variety of professional applications, the most important feature of the camera is its high brightness, its brightness generally up to 5000 lumens or more than 10000 lumens.

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