The common failures and troubleshooting methods of Projectors

The common failures and troubleshooting methods of Projectors

  • 2021-06-15

As a professional supplier of projectors, Vcast today brings you some common problems and troubleshooting methods in the use of projectors. First of all, we must judge the fault location, prepare the necessary tools, and be careful when disassembling and assembling.

One, the common bulb failure of projector

1, the button has a reaction, no image, generally bulb failure, need to be replaced, to the corresponding model, generally not general, pay attention to the brightness, power, use time;

2. Unable to boot, the bulb cover may not be tightly covered, the power board or motherboard is damaged, and the main fan fault will also cause failure to boot;

Two, Common image failures of projectors

1. If there is no image after boot, make sure to remove the lens cap and check whether the data cable is connected properly or the bulb or fuse is faulty; Non-standard operation will temporarily cause the button to fail in a short time. Do not press two buttons at the same time and leave a time interval between two operations.

2, Projected image color bias, check VGA cable, optical system problems, color filter film removal needs to be replaced; Projected images show vertical bar flickering or lack of color, LCD panel wiring is not inserted properly; The output image of the projector is unstable and has stripe fluctuation. Check that the power supply of the projector and the signal source are connected well at the same time. It is also possible that the VGA line contact is not good. The projected image has ghosting, needs to be focused, or the cable performance is poor or the transmission distance is too long.

3, the projector in the process of use sometimes suddenly automatic lights out, after a while and can be re-lit, this is because of poor heat dissipation, overheating protection, must let the projector have a good heat dissipation environment; The brightness of the bulb decreases, the center of the picture is brighter and the circumference is darker, irregular spots appear on the picture, the bulb is aging or there is dust inside the light path system, it is necessary to clean and maintain the inside of the projector, clean the outside of the lens, wipe with anhydrous alcohol, the action should be light, can not damage the lens.

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