Summary and outlook of China's intelligent projection market in the first half of 2021

Summary and outlook of China's intelligent projection market in the first half of 2021

  • 2021-07-28

According to RUNTO's latest "China Smart Projector Retail Market Monthly Tracker" report, the sales volume of China's Smart Projector Market in the first half of 2021 was 2.312 million units, Year-on-year growth of 43.3%; The sales volume was 5.39 billion yuan, up 41.5% year on year. According to online monitoring data, in the first half of 2021, the sales of each month increased year-on-year.

The reasons for the rapid growth of the intelligent projection market can be analyzed from the aspects of supply and demand:

On the demand side, the consumption concept of young consumers is changing. More and more users regard smart projection as a supplement or even a substitute for TV. Since the second half of 2020, TV prices have been rising, and consumers have begun to prefer intelligent projections with the same large-screen experience and higher cost performance. In 2020, the epidemic has expanded the use of intelligent projection to education, games, office, etc., resulting in more online demand; The proliferation of sporting events such as the European Championship and copa America in the first half of the year has also led to a rapid increase in demand for larger screens.

On the supply side, the smart projection market again ushered in a tide of new brands, they have advantages in technology, supply chain or channel, bringing new blood to the market; The continuous progress of projection technology, light source technology, artificial intelligence and other technologies is promoting the innovation and upgrading of products; Online channels are further consolidated, offline channels are continuously cultivated, online and online integration and mutual promotion, and consumer shopping scenes are enriched.

Full-year sales are expected to reach 4.71 million units

Entering the second half of the year, China's intelligent projection market development opportunities and challenges coexist.
At the supply chain level, localization accelerates penetration. The domestic top manufacturers are committed to improving the independent production capacity of core parts such as optical machine and the whole machine, which will help reduce the procurement risk and procurement cost and improve the gross profit margin. In the ultra-short focal technology, schindler photoelectric and other domestic manufacturers have made a breakthrough.

At the brand level, there will still be home appliance manufacturers, technology startups, commercial projection manufacturers and other new brands to enter, and due to Amazon's implementation of the closure of the name and store of the popular projector brands in China, the overseas market pattern began to brewing changes, or some brands return to the Chinese market, the market competition will be more fierce. At the same time as the introduction of the standard, the market will be gradually standardized and began to shuffle.

Product level, brightness and resolution will continue to upgrade, but there will not be a qualitative leap in the short term. New form products -- ultra-short focus LED and medium and long focus laser are not the first time to appear, but compared with the previous generation of products, the price has decreased significantly, and the popularity of products is accelerating. In 2021, the combined sales of these two types of products are expected to reach one hundred thousand magnitude. The new products will play a positive role in improving the consumer experience and expanding the application scenarios, which will also drive the smart projection market to further expand.

At the consumer level, in the context of the explosion of content, the new generation of consumers will take the projector as the background wall and other innovative ways to emerge; The summer And Winter Olympics will also continue to drive demand for larger screens.

However, severe shortages of DLP chips have extended into the third quarter and may recover in October. The current supply constraints on the negative impact of the market has been transmitted to the retail end, may lead to a slowdown in market growth.

RUNTO forecasts that China's smart projection market sales will reach 4.71 million units in 2021, up 26 percent year on year, and sales will exceed 10 billion yuan.

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