No complexity, no surplus, only just right T8 projector experience evaluation

No complexity, no surplus, only just right T8 projector experience evaluation

  • 2021-11-10

When I just got the T8 projector, I was very curious about how this projection was so simple! It can be said that there is only the most basic projection function, just plug in the power cord, even there is no boot advertisement, which is really a clean flow in the industry.

I have been thinking for a long time. Facing this kind of projector, there is no bright spot, and even the function is very few. Then what kind of crowd is it facing?

Perhaps let's return to the true nature and think about what a projection should have? Only in this way can we understand why there is such a projector product as T8.

As early as many years ago, the concept of home projector was not deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the projector was more linked to the Enterprise office. But somehow, perhaps projector manufacturers want to seek a breakthrough! They aim at the home theater market one after another. Moreover, it is strange to say that the concept of home theater is really deeply rooted in the hearts of the people after some efforts by manufacturers.

The main difference between the projection of this subdivision field and the traditional office projection is mainly concentrated in three points:

Bring your own speaker
Easy Connection
Multifunctional System

It happens that the T8 proyector has built-in audio and rich video resources. Wireless projection and wired connection are also convenient. However, users can install the APP by themselves.

Two USB interfaces can be used to play local videos (save the video files on the computer to the USB flash drive and plug in the T8 projector to watch).
But more miraculously, these two USB interfaces can be connected to the mouse and keyboard, and can also be used to import Android APP. In addition, T8 projection system is a complete Android system, this gives users unlimited possibilities of operations.
We can use it to install various video apps.

You should know that among other main "intelligent" projectors, the membership charging standard of these video platforms is synchronized with that of televisions, and the price will be much higher. Moreover, from the perspective of product freedom, T8 projector obviously has larger user operation space.

In this way, it can be regarded as making the best use of everything and giving the maximum freedom to users. As long as you are willing to toss about it, the T8 projector can become very strong.

In addition, T8 projector supports gradient correction, color adjustment and other functions.

It can be said that, as you can see, T8 has been finished here. It is very simple, even a little crude, but anyway, as a projector, its Missing functions are not just needed.

Just like the electronic products several years ago, it is what it is. We don't want to play cross-border, but only want to make a product and a function well. It can be said that it has completely different design ideas from current manufacturers. A product does not have to have rich functions, as long as it does its own functions well, and then continuously optimizes, optimizes, and optimizes.

It can be seen from the T8 projector that it chooses to retain the purest projection function.

There is a big difference between T8 projector and current mainstream Projector. It lacks a lot of "so-called intelligence", but it gives users an operating system with higher degree of freedom. What functions do you want, install it yourself!

Back to the projection itself, T8 has a projection resolution of 1080p, which is enough to deal with the level of daily home theater. In addition, the operation itself is simple enough. As long as the configuration is completed at one time, it basically does not need to be adjusted in the future, and it can remain in the ready-to-use state all the time.

I think over and over again, maybe parents will be more suitable for this kind of projector, without the fancy skill of the product, parents can better understand this product. And what they need may be just a projector which is ready to be used up and turned off after being used up, and everything can be solved by using a remote control.

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