Mini PTZ Dome Camera

Mini PTZ Dome Camera

  • 2020-10-26

Mini PTZ dome camera, with pure white body, volume 15.5cmX11cm, focal length 3.6mm/8mm, equipped with 2 million HD lens, 1080p 2 million HD pixels, IP66 waterproof ability and outdoor monitoring function, can be used indoor and outdoor.

High speed ratotion motor, 360° wide range monitoring

This mini PTZ cctv security cameras can be rotated by the head of a horizontal 355°+ vertical 90°. It can remotely rotate the monitoring camera to see more monitoring areas, so it is a good choice to install it outdoors, monitoring the courtyard and looking at the garage.And the camera USES a high speed precision silent motor, so the ball machine in the rotation process, no sound.In addition, also let the machine control more flexible, control operation more stable.

DB antenna, AP mode for connection

Whether the signal of wireless intelligent camera is stable has important influence on user experience.

This mini PTZ camera adpots a 5DB professional routing gain antenna with copper core. It is equipped with a 3DB spiral surround copper core needle inside, which can eliminate signal interference, improve transmission speed, stabilize and protect signal source, make network signal more stable and watch videos more smoothly.

In addition, it sets up the AP mode for connection, even if the network is off, in the camera's hotspot range,, you can watch the playback video directly on the phone.

Intelligent full color, sound and light alarm

This mini PTZ camera offer two light sources -- red and white lights, and the night vision images can be in color as they are during the day.

In addition, at night, after turning on motion detection, if there is a thief stealing a car or committing burglary at night, the camera will catch it and the white light will go on. The camera will also emit a high-decibel alarm (click on the buzzer in the APP) to scare off the thief and avoid loss.

And the phone will receive a simultaneous detection and alarm message.

Is this function very awesome?

This mini PTZ camera with rotatation, two-way voice intercom, full color night vision, wireless remote or AP hotspot online, IP66 waterproof functions, and HD resolution, easy to install, flexible operation, diverse functions, best choice for you.

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