Laser pointer with remote control

Laser pointer with remote control

  • 2021-11-22

PPT paging pen is also called electronic pointer. It is a new patented electronic product specially designed for computers and multimedia projectors. It has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe and America.


In addition to the mapping function of traditional laser pointer, it can also simply press the up and down page turning buttons on the laser pointer, it is very convenient to directly remotely control the computer or multimedia projection equipment in wireless mode to realize free page turning and random demonstration of slides!


The wireless laser pointer consists of an RF remote controller and a wireless receiver (USB interface). RF radio frequency remote controller is embedded with wireless RF radio frequency transmitter. When in use, you only need to insert the receiver into the USB interface of the computer host, and you can work normally without installing the driver. Users only need to click the relevant function key of RF remote control to operate the receiver, and the transmitter does not need to aim at the receiver, which truly reflects wireless freedom.


The wireless laser pointer can completely free the user from the computer, and the user does not have to stay beside the computer all the time. When you are in e-teaching, presentation and presentation, when you need to note the key content, just press it with your hand, the red laser point can be mapped to the document content screen that you need to emphasize, no longer bother you with the hard work of "pointing fingers and pointing feet" with the audience or "intimate contact" with them before the projection screen every time you explain the key content; at the same time, you can turn the electronic manuscript to the page where you want to give a speech without restraint by simply pointing the relevant function buttons. No matter where you are in the classroom or the lecture hall, or at the back of the meeting room, you only need to gently press the up and down page turning buttons on the wireless page turning laser pointer, you can turn to the picture you want. You no longer need to stay in front of the platform to operate the computer, and at the same time, you will not have to go back to the platform to change the page. It truly reflects the wireless click and gains infinite splendor!
Evolution of specific functions:
1. The first generation of PPT page turning Pen, whose main functions are laser pointer and PPT page turning.
2. The second generation of PPT paging Pen, whose main functions are laser pointer, various documents including webpage paging function and USB flash disk function
3. The third generation PPT paging Pen, whose main functions are laser pointer, various documents including webpage paging function, USB flash disk function and recording function


1. Built-in laser pointer, with relevant remote control function buttons. Pressing the up and down page buttons is equivalent to pressing the Pageup and Pagedown buttons on the computer keyboard.
2. RF wireless connection technology, there is no need to aim the transmitter at the receiver when using.
3. USB interface, plug and play, practical function, simple operation and convenient use.
4. The emitter adopts ergonomic design and is suitable for long-term use; The receiver is beautiful and compact, saving space.
5. The product adopts the most advanced RF radio frequency design, micro-power emission, no damage to human body, green, healthy, environmental protection and energy saving.

Edit objects

Wireless Laser pointer is a considerate and good assistant for teachers, trainers, experts, scholars, professors, speakers and mobile business people. It is also a good electronic gift for business. Laser electronic pointer can be widely used in schools, research institutes, government agencies, intelligence-intensive enterprises, training centers, hospitals, hotels, exhibitions, bids, business exchanges and other occasions; at the same time, wireless laser pointer is also an essential accessory and the best promotional gift for projectors and laptops, and can provide personalized LOGO OEM service according to users' needs.

Edit benefits

1. When the user speaks to the key or important content, he no longer needs to go to the front of the projection screen in person and "touch it with zero distance".
2. Completely remove the inconvenience of manual operation of traditional mouse and the limitation of speech brought to users, and solve the constraint that users cannot leave the platform for speech.
3. It can adapt to the current needs of multimedia speech demonstration, improve the speech effect of users to the greatest extent, and improve the use level and work efficiency of users' modern information speech tools.

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