How will the projection market change in 2021?

How will the projection market change in 2021?

  • 2021-06-11

To a family, the comfortable degree of the sitting room is the highlight that cannot ignore in household life. In recent years everybody watches a film to the sitting room more and more take seriously, and character with respect to choose and buy, more to the cognition of the industry is more extensive, the pit that encounters later is less. So, what are the brands on the market at present, how is the performance in recent years, what are the commendable places?

Market Analysis

For the projection market, the most important industry keywords around "projection", "household", "Jimei", "Dangbei" and other hot words. So, can see in today's era, the projector to household, household is crucial, at the same time extremely meters, when the shell, millet and other brands are also the most favored by consumers. Secondly, let's take a look at the form of projection. From the perspective of common cognition, the biggest functional feature of projection is the size of the screen, and the special immersive sense of movie-watching, portability, intelligent center and so on extended from it are the core content of projection to change home life.

Overview and analysis of brand development

Projection industry into the Bureau, but the elimination trend is also increasingly obvious, there is competition is progress, the brand development trend is good, for consumers are happy to see the situation. Focus on the development of the current intelligent projection dynamic, to the pole meter projection as the representative of the domestic intelligent projection brand main force, after a few years of scour, but also quietly changed.

Projection brand industry report issued by the shopping platform shows that the brightness of the LED intelligent projector brand when the shell among the industry top two, the third is the rice brand, and LED intelligent projector nut has no third. During the period, Downbay projection again and again seize the opportunity to create the ultimate single product in line with the market demand, which has also won a lot of recognition, in 2020, Downbay F3 was rated as the annual technology innovation award by the fast technology platform, was rated as the annual user favorite product award by IT influence China, creating the success of Downbay projection. Therefore, for the development history of projection in recent years, the strong emergence of the Bay projection is definitely a milestone change in the industry. As the gap between the advantages and disadvantages of the brands appears, the future development trend of the intelligent projector industry will focus on the top three camps.

Projection circle everyone knows the secret book of purchase

New Year goods festival is approaching, offer the projector purchase rule for everyone, and the industry personage special purchase secret book. The most important performance indicators of a projector are brightness, resolution, color, contrast, light source, and focal length. Combined life, cost comprehensive judgment is the most reliable.

Based on the sorting and analysis of the projection industry, not only see the future of smart home, but also feel the good vision of consumers for the field of large screen. I hope you can understand the market environment under the guidance of this projection market and brand analysis report, so as to be able to buy in a convenient way.

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