Brife introduction of Projector

Brife introduction of Projector

  • 2021-05-28

The projector is a kind of equipment that can project images or videos to the screen, which can be connected with computers, VCD, DVD, BD, game consoles, DV and so on through different interfaces to play the corresponding video signals.

Projectors are widely used in homes, offices, schools and entertainment venues. There are CRT, LCD, DLP and other different types according to different working styles.

I. Classification according to the application environment

1, home theater type

2. Portable business projector

3. Educational conference projector

4. Mainstream project projector

5. Professional theater projector

6. Measurement projector

II. Classification according to the use

1. Desktop projector

2. Portable projector
3. Floor projector
4. Reflection projector
5. Transmission projector
6. Single function projector
7. Multi-function projector
8. Intelligent projector
9. Touch interactive projector

III. Classify by interface category

1. VGA interface projector

2, HDMI interface projector
3, with a network projector

Key Indicators:

light output

horizontal-scanning frequency

  • VRR

video bandwidth

resolution ratio

Focusing performance of CRT tube


Daily maintenance

1, the projection environment light can not be strong, had better be weak light

2, we should pay attention to the sequence of power switch

3, after the shutdown and then boot should be a certain time interval

4, the use of power supply voltage to be stable

5, Do not work for more than four hours in a row

6, Abnormal shutdown and sudden power outage are strictly prohibited

7, Dedust regularly

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