An article has a preliminary understanding of various parameters of the projector

  • 2021-11-03

The resolution determines the definition of the projection. We can imagine the projected picture as a chessboard, and the expression of resolution is the number of crossing points of the longitude and weft. For example, 1920x 1080p means that there are 1920 horizontal lines in the horizontal direction and 1080 horizontal lines in the vertical direction of the whole projection picture. The two lines cross each other to form pixel points one by one. High resolution and more horizontal lines make the image clearer with more pixel points.

Currently, the resolution of Intelligent projectors is mainly 480p and 720p. In fact, 480p is enough for small bedrooms. Projectors with a resolution of 1920x 1080p are all compatible with 1080p, that is, 1080p videos can be played, which does not mean that the projection effect is 1080p definition.

Brightness and contrast
The brightness determines our viewing environment. There are two parameters to define the brightness: ANSI lumens and light source lumens.
NASI lumens: indicates the brightness projected by the projector.
Lumens of light source: the luminance of the light machine in the projector, in fact, the luminance projected from the projector will be much lower than that of the lumens of light source.

The contrast ratio of the projector is the ratio of black to white, which is the gradient level from black to white. The larger the ratio, the more gradient levels from black to white. The clearer the picture, the more gorgeous the color. Nowadays, the values such as brightness, color temperature and gray scale are more important, the effect of contrast on the picture is very little, so we will not discuss it further here.

Number of colors
The number of colors refers to the richness of colors that can be displayed in the screen of the projector. Colors are determined by the three primary colors of red, green and blue, namely RGB. Friends who are familiar with PS all know that each color has 256 gray levels. So the number of colors equals 256x 256x 256=16.7 million colors. As for the 1.07 billion colors you see, it is actually not much different from 16.7 million colors.

Projection ratio
The main purpose of buying a projector is to enjoy the pleasure of viewing the large screen, and projection ratio is the decisive factor of the size of the projection picture. Projection ratio = projection distance/Image Width. Remember that the smaller the projection ratio (or zoom ratio), the larger the projection image.

Trapezoidal correction
The working principle of the projector is simply the shadow formed by the light projecting the image onto the curtain wall. Only when the projector and the curtain wall are horizontal, the projected picture will be a standard rectangle. However, due to the limitation of the field, the lens of the projector and the curtain wall form a certain Included angle, and the projection picture will appear trapezoidal. At this time, we need to use trapezoidal correction function to adjust the projection picture to a standard rectangle. Trapezoidal correction is divided into horizontal and vertical directions. The vertical trapezoidal correction is the basic configuration of the projector, and the horizontal trapezoidal correction can support the side projection function.

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