2021 Indasina internal PK contest ended successfully

  • 2021-10-20
After the fierce PK friendly match in September, October comes to the moment of abundant achievements. Every time the host reports amazing data, he cheers happily, which is a breakthrough, a new high and the return of our efforts.

You are wonderful, Indasina colleagues; No matter the business colleagues who stand in front or the logistics colleagues who work silently, we all get together to fight.

Take an endless red envelope and look at the smile of our colleagues.

Chief Executive Officer

Comments from colleagues: we have a boss who cares about employees very much. Not only at work, but also the life and mentality of employees will be paid attention to, which is very warm.

There is also a small surprise, which brings together the birthday stars of October birthday to celebrate their birthday.

Although the P K competition in September is over, there are still more challenges every month. We will continue to carry forward the spirit of striving and never giving up in September, just as our colleagues said: break through ourselves, I sincerely communicated with customers and was trusted by them. I never expected that I could receive big orders in the early morning of September 30th.

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